For the crazy Book Lovers

Well, my dear readers, its December. The year is gonna end end soon and we’d wonder what worthwhile things we did in it. While i’m very optimistic about sincere and productive stuff I did in it, let me also fill in the fun quota. So, while going through illustrations of a book on Pinterest, i randomly came across some awesome words for people and their association with books. Just see, how chained them.

People call me a Bibliophile.

I’m also a Librocubicularist.

I like to chit-chat with a person who is a Bibliognost.
I’d never prefer to be a Bibliobibuli. Because just like indigested food is poisan for body; indigested books are poisonous for mind.
Sometimes i get afraid of becoming a tsundoku. Lol…. Thats’s why I decided to first read all the unread (in my case) books, magazines of my family library. So, i’ve vowed not to buy any new book in the new year until finish them all. Haha… But I already broke it by buying a book ‘રખડવાનો આનંદ’ (The joy of wandering), by Kaka Kalelkar. It is a travelogue with cultural insights. But the year isn’t over yet. So it isn’t completely broken. Is it? 😂😅

Which one of these are you? And what kinds of books you love?


43 thoughts on “For the crazy Book Lovers

    1. More then time crunch, digital information has indeed ruined man’s romance with books. And you know, even I find it difficult to spare time for reading. But I sometimes steal it 😛

      And thank you Arv for being kind enough to read my posts and respond to them. Thank you so much😄

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      1. We’re all sailing in the same boat mana. it’s great to read your post. why don’t you post on your research subject. It’ll be an interesting subject ;will be relevant to you too!
        Btw did you visit old Jain temple which is in the basement (when you visited JVB) ?

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      2. The Bada Digambar Mandir? Oh yes I did. One fine evening some of the students decided to visit it and I joined them. It was interesting. Specially the Saraswati statue. Marvellous. Though I found time less to observe the architecture and iconography. Sometimes i nerd to stare at them to have thoughts about them.

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      1. Just about anything, really. Right now I’m on a steady diet of Charles Dickens, re-reading everything. I also enjoy James Patterson, so I’m pretty eclectic 🙂

        My pain is quiet right now. Still waiting for surgery on Jan. 10, and hope to be back to work in mid February. Thank you.

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    1. Only first line of this comment appeared in my notification. I don’t know why. 🤔

      No, this isn’t my own bookshelf, but a pinterest image that mirrors my ‘bookself’😛. I’ll send you a pic of my book collection.

      i’m reading
      1) Emily of New Moon (in my mobile).
      2) Vishva Manav no Vartav (literatlly translated as Behaviour of a Global Man), which is a Gujarati book narrating memoirs of a professor’s travelling.

      What about you?

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      1. That’s ok Mana, it’s the WP app that does that, it happens to me too! 😛 Wow, that’s great you are reading 2 books at the same time! I just finished reading The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte which is amazing about reaching life goals with a soul and now I’m reading The Devil and Miss Prym by Paulo Coelho ❤ I love his books!! 🙂


    1. You will of course. In fact as I was attending a super interesting seminar this weekend, I had an idea of selecting 12 books belonging to different categories to be read in this year.

      Which is one book you earnestly wish to read?

      And thank you for stopping by and reading.


  1. I love books. No wonder I can’t resist buying them whenever I pass by the book store. Though, reading them takes a backseat sometimes, but I eventually make some time to finish reading them.

    Nice Post. 😀

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    1. Cheers to the book lover! You know, the books I read because of my profession, are actually my favourite books. But when they cause overload, I turn to light stuff where mind can wander. So, its 50-50 for me too!


    1. So, The Snug, what do I call you? I guess the one, who reads everyday can be called ‘Omnireader’! Loveliest New Year to you too! I’ll surely have a look at your blog and good luck for it. You’r gonna enjoy it. 🎉

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