When your students teach you

Greetings of the new year my dear friends! Yes, I have almost disappeared. Only because of my demanding job as a Sanskrit Instructor at IIT Gandhinagar (Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar). So yes, I’ve been teaching Sanskrit to Engineers-to-be in one of the premier institutes of India. And its an honour and experience of lifetime. My students keep me on toes and I love it. And thus whenever I come across thoughts which I’d like to share here, some or the other task will not allow me do it.

So, i’ve found out a way out of it and decided something. I’ll keep my posts short. To the point. (And apply my precise writing skills my dear teacher Ms Sylvie taught me.)

What am I gonna tell you today! Its about how my students make me learn and bring me put of my comfort zones.

It was 2009, when I had picked up Bhagvad Geeta as a text book in my under graduate syllabus. Thankfully there was no semester system then and we got a chance to study it completely. As mesmerising as it is, it made a permanent place in my heart. However, I did not pick it after a year when the course was over.

Ever since I started teaching (which was in 2007. Yes, I was earning while I was learning), I used to focus on grammar of the language. And through that, I’d help the student to read anything they’d want to or are prescribed at. I’d always feel myself incapable of dealing with hard core philosophical texts. I’d frankly deny if someone would request me to teach him/her any of those philosophical texts. And it continued till today.

Fast forward to the last week of 2017. I had designed an intermediate course that would supplement my foundational Sanskrit course. But as the destiny had it, a suggestion (from faculty committee) and demand (from students) changed it all. It brought me to a zone of that was unchartered for me – teaching a literature. And it started with the Gita.

After seven years, i bring out my old text book, ransack my digital library and gently explore my institute library to check out every available Gita texts into them. All for my students. More then what I did while I was studying. And as magical as it, the Gita started unfolding more meanings to me, which I now share with my students. The students and I get lured by the tunes of this divine tune.

This inspires me to provide the best out of the selected readings I have chosen for them. It enriches me with confidence. And it opens up new vistas for me!

What a fantastic start of 2018!


Five Favorite Foods

Happy Sunday My Dear Readers!

All day I had been thinking about the most amazing dining experiences I had based on today’s theme for June 1-30 Challenge 2016 designed by Kathleen Duncan. And finally when I sat to write I found out it’s the least favorite dining experiences I have to talk about! But anyways, I am opting for five favorite foods. Such a mouth watering writing time this was!

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