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To celebrate all things that is Sanskrit.

Vaganuraga – Word Worship was started as a facebook page only to share my Sanskrit Calligraphy. On this occasion of Sanskrit Day (Shravani Poornima i.e. full moon day of the month of Shravan), with heartfelt support of my teachers, students and well wishers (that includes my family, friends and colleagues) I take a step further with Vaganuraga. It will bring you many more things about and around Sanskrit.

So until I reveal more, I’d like to know what Sanskrit means to you all and what things you’d like to see here.

Awaiting your feedback,

Mana Apoorva

Currently Sanskrit feature of this blog Studio Vaganuraga has two pages to offer.

  1. Sanskrit Calligraphy – My calligraphic paintings that have Sanskrit as its central theme.
  2. SuktiRatnani – A collection of gem-like wise sayings, in Sanskrit.

And further more, here is a collection of Blog-posts related to Sanskrit. They have more or less of Sanskrit in it. Some of SuktiRatnani posts will appear here again.