What is the cost of our freedom?

rashtrabhivardhan sukta mantra

Specially targeted to my fellow youth, this blogpost is a proof of what precious thing I am holding and an attempt to value it. Freedom. I am able to think freely, pen down my thoughts, spread them and have the right to raise my voice if anyone tries to suppress me. That is Freedom. I invite your response may it be in agreement of disagreement to my writings. We are independent, you see!

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Samudramanthan – A Voyage

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Being a book lover, I always appreciate a good drama! And a wonderful drama it was, Samudramanthan – a sailing fairy tale. It is a musical two-act play that is currently in theatres. For my readers across the geographical boundaries, lemme tell you that though this play is being enacted in Gujarati and is performed currently in Gujarat; don’t miss it if you ever get a chance to see it either in Hindi or English for the story touches all of us. It is a tale of love, strength and courage.

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સમુદ્રમંથન – એક સફર

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દુનિયાની કોઇ પણ સંસ્કૃતિ કેમ ન હોય, તેણે ઇતિહાસના પાનાઓ પર પાડેલી ભાત તેની આવનારી પેઢીઓ માટેનો દિશાસૂચક વારસો બની રહે છે. અને આ ભાત પાડે છે, તે સંસ્કૃતિએ સાક્ષી ભરેલી ઘટનાઓના વળાંકો. આવી જ એક ’ટર્નિંગ પોઇંટ’ સમી ઘટનાની વાત લઇને આવ્યું છે સમુદ્રમંથન. ગુજરાતની વેપારી પ્રજાનો આધાર અને પોતાનું આખુંય આયખું દરિયાના ખોળે વીતાવનારી એવી એવી સાગરખેડૂ ખારવા કોમના ઇતિહાસના એક સ્મરણીય પ્રકરણને તાજું કરે છે સમુદ્રમંથન.

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Why History?

IMG_3298Back in college, I was doing a project on freedom fighters and refugees of India’s Independence movement of the early 20th century. At the time of writing the conclusion, as my little grown intellect of nineteen allowed me (not that I claim it has grown much since), I wrote that one needs to study history to learn about the past mistakes and try not to repeat them. But as it seems, though man does not make those very mistakes, he makes new ones.

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