Legacy of Love – My Blog’s first Birthday!

Hello folks,

It’s been a year since I started writing. I have always been writing a thing or the other. Writing is my sacred space. I write to express. I write when I am happy. I write when I’m disturbed. I write when I’m reflecting. In short I’m writing 24*7, either on screen or in my mind. So you see, writing is very important to me. Lemme tell you the story behind writing this blog!



It was 1999. Steven Spilberg’s Titanic was talk of the town. VCDs or DVDs hadn’t yet hit the Indian video libraries yet. People watched rented movies on hired VCR players. An elderly man asked his son that he wished to watch this newly released movie. VCR is rented. And so is the video cassette of the movie Titanic. And the family sit to watch the movie. I was 10 years old, one of that family and not interested in watching a movie about a sinking ship. But this elderly gentleman, who happened to be my grandpa sat to watch it with much interest. As the movie moved ahead I clearly remembered the disappointment on my grampa’s face. He was asking, ‘where did the love story come from?’ I laugh aloud every time I recall that expression on his face. How annoyed he was for the creativity of Spilberg!

Between all those years that have passed, I have enjoyed watching Titanic and the drama it offered. But today, I randomly pick up an old copy of Reader’s Digest that has an article on Birkenhead drill. It’s about how discipline is to be maintained when ships meet disaster and rescue operation takes place. Along with some other incidents, it mentioned Titanic in detail. I can relate everything from the movie with this narration apart from the love story. And I exclaim, ‘where did the love story come from?’ And had Dr. Anil Shah been there to see my expression, he would have laughed just the way I did.


In more ways than one, I’m like my Grampa. You can read the blog post I wrote on his Birthday here, and find out more about the similarities. He loved to write too. story-tellingHe was practicing medicine and hardly found any time for pursuing any hobby. But whenever he could, he did it with much love. Be it exploring books, savouring music, traversing natural as well as archaeological marvels or just penning down his thoughts. While heirs often inherit properties from their ancestors, I have inherited Love. Love for life and all those things that make it lovable.

Much space would be filled if I’d start writing which all things that I do today are inspired from Dada (what I fondly called my Grampa). I’m not referring to some minor things. But things I do professionally as well as things I spend my quality time on. And while doing them all, they all seem worthwhile. I enjoy them with content of my heart. And all the while, I feel presence of my Grampa with me. When he was there, I used to share every interesting thing I came across with him; in books, in places and in experiences. But now that he is not, I decided to share them with you all. Aren’t you all lucky?

So, basically, this blog is about everything I wish to tell you. Nothing in particular; but ‘ME’, to be specific. That ‘Me’, which I was with my Grampa. That ‘Me’, which is at her best. Professionally, I’m a researcher in the field of Indology, who writes nerdy stuff. But when I remove those geeky glasses, this is what I write.

I dedicate this blog to my dearest Grampa Dr Anil S. Shah, who is my life-time inspiration. My first story-teller and also my first audience.

With Dada (2009)

And last but not the least, a heartiest Thank You to

1) The WordPress team for providing us such a user friendly platform

2) Each and every blogger, whose blogs I read and get new insights

3) And specially to everyone who have stopped by my blog, read a post or two (or many more), reflected upon it, responded with their beautiful comments, inspired me, encouraged me and made me a part of this amazing blogosphere. Together, with our blogs, we have created this alternative world of positivity! So Thank you again!


22 thoughts on “Legacy of Love – My Blog’s first Birthday!

      1. Haha not as lucky as you to have a grandpa like yours… I can relate to my father on this.
        Now we live in different cities… growing up has it’s cons, doesn’t it? 🙂


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