Yoga, a way of life 

योगः कल्पतरुः श्रेष्ठो योगश्चिन्तामणिः परः ।
योगः प्रधानं धर्माणां योगः सिद्धे स्वयंग्रहः ।।

– आचार्य-हरिभद्रसूरेः योगबिन्दुः

(yogaḥ kalpataruḥ śreṣṭho yogaścintāmaṇiḥ paraḥ ।

yogaḥ pradhānaṃ dharmāṇāṃ yogaḥ siddhe svayaṃgrahaḥ ।।)

– Yogabindu of Haribhadrasūri
Yoga is a kin to the type of the tree namely kalpa, yoga is akin to the best type of jewel namely cintāmaṇi yoga is chief among the virtuous performances, yoga is the very attainment of supreme success (i.e. mokṣa). 

[The tree namely kalpa (kalpataru) and the cintāmaṇi jewel are mythological entities which fulfill all desires whatsoever of those who have access to them.]

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Conquering the Kaliya-Naga within, SuktiRatnani – 3

दामोदरोऽयं परिगृह्य नागं विक्षोभ्य तोयं च समूलमस्य ।

भोगे स्थितो नीलभुजङ्गमस्य मेघे स्थितः शक्र इवावभाति ॥

-बालचरितम् (४-५)

Having seized the serpent and stirring up the entire water of this great river; Damodar, who is adorning the hood of Kayila Naga, seems like Indra glorifying the clouds.

04 kaliyadamana2

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Celebrating Sanskrit Day

Suktiratnani for Mana Apoorva

Beginning from today, we are gonna have a month long celebration on the occasion of Sanskrit Day in association with Kaffeinated Konversations. I will be posting  Sanskrit Subhashitas (wise sayings) under my new venture Vaganuraga – Word WorshipI’m sure you are all going to love them irrespective of your age, profession, culture, hobbies and country too because Subhashitas (aforesaid wise sayings) carry the essence of life to which we can all connect! Stay tuned…

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