The Victorious one

This thought emerged as a result of my reflections of chalanges of life.

Yesterday as I was thinking about all the ongoing projects I was working on and the way I am handling them, this thought sprung up. I feel that there would be no fun in doing your favourite things with fear. In many cases one has go a long way to be actually doing what one desires to do. And when one gets that chance, a fear emerges of loosing it or failing at it. Oh! How miserable that would be! One would then try hard to hold to those opportunities. And loose peace of mind in order to do so!

Now the question is, is it really under your control? If not, then why panick? The best thing one can do is, to enjoy the opportunity to its fullest.

If yoh’ve got that chance to work at one of the best places, work like youare your own boss. If you’ve got that project you aspired, excel in it. If you’ve got admission in that program you always dreamt, study like you never have to appear for any exams. Never ever think that you’re gonna lose it or fail at it. Just give your best and forget the rest. The joy, the extacy, the satisfaction you gain out of exploring those opportunity is your real gain. You’ve already succeeded.

Just like a cooku singing in the spring or a peacock dancing in the rain don’t give a damn whether anyone isistening to them, watching them, being inspired by them and writing poems on them; you too soar high. Get lost in your own enjoyment. It is under your control. Nobody snatch away the bliss you felt in those moments. And therefore it is your Happiness.

Because Victory is in Fearless Fight.


23 thoughts on “The Victorious one

  1. Didi, this post reminds me of Emily! The way she wrote a really stupid letter to Aunt Nancy in the fear of Aunt Elizabeth reading it.

    This thought of yours inspires me. Half of the things we love in life are gone because of fear. Huh. I’ll apply this into my life now. A positive post indeed, dii. 😊

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    1. Thank you so much Kinnariben for such an encouraging reply. Of course the message of Geeta is there. But I’m also emphasising on the enjoyment of the activity instead of being afraid of failing at it.


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