Rajasthan: Celebration of life

Folk dancer

It was one spring evening when I was in a bit of a hurry to return to my tent, where I was staying with Marwari ladies of all ages. While I was rushing between the rows of tents, there was a group of women, who sat in the center of a temporary path between those tents and was singing songs in a rustic tune. It was so catchy that I stopped and tried to make out the lyrics. It was basically a socio-spiritual gathering. Thus, I guessed that the songs might be related to the occasion. But I failed to make out what those songs were about. So finally I asked one of the ladies why were they singing without any seemingly important reason? Her answer astonished me. She said, ‘just like that.’

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Focussing on Raza’s Bindu

Raza’s painting titled Aarambha

This evening I grabbed a colourful opportunity to behold the paintings of Syed Haider Raza at Amdavad ni Gufa. I am neither an Art critic nor a student of fine Arts. I’m just me, a layman. So, I’d tell you about these visuals, the way I saw it.

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Back to Basics. Part – 2

Akoopar, the Infinte

A heart-warming narrative of the oneness between the people of Gir and its eco-system.
The Infinite Gir

Here is the second installment of the series ‘Back to Basics’ for you, my dear readers. In my first installment, I talked about two books, which reconnected me to my land and its culture. One of it was Akoopar by Dhruv Bhatt. It is a heart-warming narrative of the oneness between the people of Gir (the region of Asiatic Lion Sanctuary in Gujarat) and its eco-system. Through Akoopar, I entered into an altogether different world and was lost in its pristine way of life. I want to give you a glimpse of that.

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અકૂપાર – ગીરવાસી માનવ અને પ્રકૃતિના પ્રેમની નોખી કથા

ગૈયરને ઘણી ખમ્મા!

મારી Back to Basics Part – 1 પોસ્ટમાં મેં તે બે પુસ્તકો વિશે વાત કરી હતી જે પુસ્તકો મને મારી પોતાની ધરતી – ગૂર્જરધરાની સમીપ લઈ ગયા અને તેના અજાણ્યા પાસાઓનો પરિચય કરાવ્યો. તેમાંનું એક પુસ્તક એટલે અકૂપાર. અને બીજું ઝવેરચંદ મેઘાણીનું રા’ ગંગાજળિયો. આજે મારે વાત કરવી છે અકૂપાર વિશે.

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