Gold we take for Aluminium

Reflecting about innumerable blessings we are bestowed upon. The blessings we never recognised. Continue reading “Gold we take for Aluminium”


The Language of Silence


Thanks to recent revolution in the field of audio visual communication, we have all became so expressive. Many of us express ourselves easily through text messages, images, videos, tags etc. However, at times, genuine feelings are lost or overlooked in this flood of emotional display. In this post, I am writing something about those genuine feelings that are never displayed, but only felt.  Continue reading “The Language of Silence”

Give your children sounds, not songs…

                     In this time of declarations of various board exam results, I’d like to post one message to parents. This message was written a year ago as a result of a talk with an old student of mine. His stress, together with my observation of many of my friends’ lives compelled me to write this.

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