Five Favorite Foods

Happy Sunday My Dear Readers!

All day I had been thinking about the most amazing dining experiences I had based on today’s theme for June 1-30 Challenge 2016 designed by Kathleen Duncan. And finally when I sat to write I found out it’s the least favorite dining experiences I have to talk about! But anyways, I am opting for five favorite foods. Such a mouth watering writing time this was!

Details of the challenge.

June 5, 1941. Robert Kraft, founder of Kraft Foods, was born.

Tell us about your five favorite foods or five favorite restaurants. You can also share five favorite recipes.

Alternative: Write about your least favorite foods or dining experiences!

My mother is world’s best cook. She makes all the dishes so tasty and healthy that I hardly feel like eating out. I dream to be a cook like her. And she is such a creative cook that she often thinks of new dishes and combinations. She also tries to make those dishes at home that she has eaten somewhere out. Thus, accept dish no. 3 that I am describing, all the dishes are home made.

So here’re my five favourite dishes.

mango-pulp-1. Mango pulp with chapati, Indian veggies and different grams (especially yellow split peas and petite yellow lentils). This is our daily menu for two months of summer. Mango is preferred cold with rest of the additions kept at room temperature.



shrikhand2. Shrikhand and Puri. Shrikhand is kind of a yogurt pudding. And it tastes amazing. Pistachio and saffron are the traditional flavours of shrikhand. These days it is available in variety of different flavours such as chocolate, strawberry and pineapple. This dish is eaten on special occations or on sundays, when a sweet dish is to be added with daily food

dal-bati-churma3. Daal-Baati-Churmaa. This is a Rajsthani (belonging to the state Rajasthan, situated in western India) dish. Daal is a halthy mixture of various grams with a tempering of spices. Baati is baked wheat rolls fried in ghee. And well Churmaa is a sweet side dish made with jaggery. Additional ingredients to it could be dry fruits like Cashew, Pistachio, Almonds or Raisins.

chole4. Chole Bhature. Well, this a Punjabi dish (belonging to the state Punjab, situated in northern India. Chole is spicy chick peas. Boiled and then spiced up. And Bhature are fried bread made of maida flour. I remember one time when on a family trip to Haridwar (a pilgrim place situated on the banks of holy Ganges), we ate Chole Bhature at a half underground eatery. They were served in utensils made up of dried leaves. Ah..the taste! I still remember. The dinner was concluded with a huge glass of lassi (another type of yogurt)!

BRUSCHETTA5. Bruschetta. And well, I love foreign dishes too. Pesto pasta, Mexican flavoured beans. Salsa sauce is all time favourite sauce added to many dishes. But Bruschetta tops it all.


11 thoughts on “Five Favorite Foods

    1. Thanks a lot Arv, for the comment. I thought my readers from India have no interest in the food of their land. yours was the first comment I received from home. 🙂 Yes, flavouring mars the original flavour of the food.

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      1. I’m not a foodie actually but I enjoy what I eat. I always feel that variety created by way of variations kill the originality of food. Variants are result of marketing plans to create variety.


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