What is the cost of our freedom?

rashtrabhivardhan sukta mantra

Specially targeted to my fellow youth, this blogpost is a proof of what precious thing I am holding and an attempt to value it. Freedom. I am able to think freely, pen down my thoughts, spread them and have the right to raise my voice if anyone tries to suppress me. That is Freedom. I invite your response may it be in agreement of disagreement to my writings. We are independent, you see!

My dear readers,

What do your thoughts revolve around whole day? Your carrier, your studies, your friends, your family, finances, recreation, fashion, latest gadgets, books (a lot of them, in some cases), weekend planning, newly opened restaurants and what else? Have you ever thought what has enabled you to worry about what next carrier step you should be taking instead of worrying about whether you’ll be walking on your feet the next moment? I want to draw your attention to the fact that there was a price that is been paid to gift us this freedom and a huge amount is still been paid every single moment to keep that freedom intact.

Just like how we get together during India-Pakistan match and let our patriotism overflow; there was a time when 99% population of India was bleeding with that patriotism. Freeing India from the clutches of foreign rule was their sole priority. And today, because of their unending efforts, we are enjoying the fruits of freedom. Even as I write this, there are our forces protecting India on land, in sky and in sea. There are people who are trying to intellectually protect India with their diplomacy. And there is one PM with the courage of a lion to state the fact. And because of them, I can write fearlessly. Shouldn’t we value it instead of taking it all for granted? Realise what boons you are bestowed with while thinking about those lacks of refugees, who are dragged out of their homelands.

I will not waste your time repeating the history anymore. We all know it, however tempered it is. But our history does not begin and end with Europeans entering and leaving India. It expands beyond Vasco de Gama’s maiden voyage to India. Thousands of dynasties has ruled and fought and been defeated and revolted and raised again. And in those endeavours they have together moulded a wonderful culture for us. A culture that always wanted to rise together. We have deep roots. And it is up to us to be rooted or not.

shanti mantra
Vedic Shanti Mantra (Peace mantra from the Vedas)

This is our culture. Our culture means progress with unity. It was our weakness to let someone divide us and rule. Are we so fool a people to let it happen again? Oh come on youth, open your eyes. Let’s come out of our little boxes and join hands against attacks on all the fronts. Be it intellectual, commercial or territorial.

I remember a joke of a box full of frogs being shipped from India to abroad. Someone suggested having no need of closing the lid. When asked why, it was explained that none of them will allow the other to escape from the box by pulling each others’ legs. I feel like relating many examples, but refraining from doings so. I guess this joke will be suffice. Are we that cheap? Let not this joke come true. Let’s support each other without any selfish reasons.

If we will all oppose each other and not let greater ideas, substantial concepts and developing thoughts to take over, how will we grow? Are our personal gains and religious choices bigger than the aim of rising together as a country? A generation has sacrificed itself to free our nation. Let us make another sacrifice to take our nation to another higher peak. They have laid the foundation. Let us build a beautiful structure on it. Let us put our country before us. I promise our efforts won’t go in vein.

On our 70th Independence Day, let’s pray for India that is united and prosperous.

Yours sincerely,

A proud Indian.



14 thoughts on “What is the cost of our freedom?

  1. You could have been speaking for me, an American citizen who values our own independence from foreign rule, only yours is more recent than ours. There is such an effort among world rulers today to squash patriotism to one’s country, to all unite under a one-world government. That will be the biggest, and worst, dictatorship of all.

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    1. Thank you so much Ms Linda for sharing your thoughts.

      Indeed, that would be the worst dictatorship of all. But wouldn’t that be an epitome of foolishness? Because a revolt is tend to follow such suppression.

      May we all enjoy our own uniqueness while equally respecting others’.

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      1. Mana..Yes I have traveled but i’m not sure about “well traveled”… lol!
        I have made a post on Independence day as well! Have a look at it and let me know. I’m open to share more views on the subject if you find that this post lacks depth!

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  2. Mana, it’s true that current generation doesn’t value freedom they enjoy today. Like they say what you get is taken for granted. it’s true.
    Well we have different set of problem so we are focussed else where. patriotism is one day affair by posting some patriotic message on status. That’s how we are!

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  3. Yes, everyone says so. That its a one day affair. Even at times I get annoyed by seeing my facebook flooded with such posts. But isn’t it a day to celebrate? Just like we celebrate other festivals, we can celebrate the day of our freedom. No need to be accused of having patriotism lasting for a day only.

    And more importantly its about the feeling of oneness that the society as a whole needs to cultivate to move ahead. Thats what should last after that one day of celebration is over.

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