The Language of Silence


Thanks to recent revolution in the field of audio visual communication, we have all became so expressive. Many of us express ourselves easily through text messages, images, videos, tags etc. However, at times, genuine feelings are lost or overlooked in this flood of emotional display. In this post, I am writing something about those genuine feelings that are never displayed, but only felt. 

Academic years in schools and colleges are about to end. Social media platforms have already started to fill up with farewell photos. It reminded me of my ‘slam-book’ filling time at my school and college. At both the places, I had given multi-coloured blank pages to my friends with their names written on the top of it. They had to write something about themselves and something about me in it. Excited from the farewell fever, most of my friends wrote on those pages in their own styles. Some wrote it with beautiful words, decorating the page with handmade designs, photos and stickers. Some kept it down right practical and filled the page with their experiences in simple blue or black pen. Some wrote only a few sentences. And some…some never returned the page.

For a long time i demanded for it, but they never came back from those lazy bums (so i thought that time). My friends kept on postponing it with different reasons. However there is one best thing about this which i have just realised. Though many of the friends who gave me back those pages are out of touch, those who never returned those pages are still there!!

This is like a revelation! There are people in our lives who speak language, which has no words. They never utter a word to make their presence felt. They are so close to you that we feel their presence in your sub-conscious mind. They are always there, silently. They love you and care for you without expressing their love loudly or lets say audibly. Some dear ones are good with written words, some are good with spoken words, but some are good at none of them. They are good at silently loving you. 

So, this non-academic, so-called research of mine made me realise that there is one more language. It is unknown and unfathomable for any linguist or grammarian, because it has no words. It isn’t registered, recorded or documented yet. And despite all that, it is the most beautiful and precious of all languages. It is the language of silence. We need a heart full of love to understand it.

I dedicated this post to my fiance Nihar.  



21 thoughts on “The Language of Silence

  1. Very true. In fact, I never even read any of my slam books from school days; somehow it doesn’t feel exciting any more or maybe I have grown too old. Now it just suffices to know that I can call my best friends after years of silence and simply pick up from where we left!

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    1. We haven’t grown old, we have grown out of it. May be at some point of time we all enjoyed each other’s company, but as the time passes some stay and some walk far. Yes, those are our best friends with whom we have no formalities and no terms or conditions.


  2. This excellent write up, Mana. You said it well, Heart has no language. It has to be understood. We share amazing telepathy with some people, which cannot be written. Congrats on your engagement. Good wishes for you both. 🙂

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  3. True Mana. Love and friendship has no language. Silence is very powerful. I myself am a bit lazy when it comes to communicating with my dear ones. But I love them a lot and always stand for them in the hour of need.


    1. Vandana ma’am! Hello! Wonderful to see you! Which aroma is coming from your kitchen right now?

      Yes, some things are beyond language. And at times silence can express things words cannot. Happy to know what you shared about yourself! Have a refreshing weekend ahead!

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