How much capable are you?

Have you ever thought how much your self is capable of? How much strength you own, while being totally unaware of it? Would you ever degrade yourself after knowing that?

This morning, I was reading a book of Sanskrit grammar and bumped into this beautiful sutra (aphorism) अर्हम् (Arham). It was written in the beginning of the work to meditate upon the supreme power. However, the commentary that followed the sutra said that it is not only to honour the supreme power, but also to honour the same matter that lies within the reader. How beautiful is that! From that moment on, a chain of thoughts followed and I realised something hopeful about myself.

Quotes that you come across and thoughts that emerge out of realisation are two things apart. I have always been reading about the infinite potentiality of self – in books and in the messages given by teachers on farewells and on many other occasions. No doubt I liked the idea, but I could never apply it on a deeper level. Of Course I believe that a person’s physical and intellectual strengths can be developed beyond imagination; but when it came to the strength of the soul, I had always been underestimating it.

I am not talking about learning a new skill, mastering a new language or initiating a new venture. I am talking what your inner self is. Do you worship God? Are you a believer? Do you think that there is some superior force? What if you realise that you can be the one? Yes, this is true. I believe it is. And I am not saying this. It is already said by seers, by the saints. (Those curious minded souls can read Tattvartha-sutra by Umaswati.)

Well, I am not here to preach anything. So, i’d not go on elaborating the fact I mentioned above. I rather want to talk about what would happen if we actually realise it. If you know that you carry inside you something as pure and sacred as the almighty himself, would you ever degrade yourself? I guess not. At least, I would not.


I would always treat myself with the utmost respect. If I am doing something wrong, I would consider it below my substantial being. And thus, would try to avoid it. If I think of doing a good deed, I’d feel that it is the most appropriate act I should be doing. And thus, would try to do it better and more often. I would never ever abuse myself. Never ever. Because I carry within me the same substance almighty is made up of. And I must honour it.

Of Course it is good to be humble and accept the possibilities of improving yourself on many fronts. But never consider yourself unworthy. Unworthy of blessings, unworthy of love, unworthy of friendship, unworthy of compassion, unworthy of every single thing that makes you feel happy or inspire you to be creative. It seems to be in vogue, to degrade yourself. I don’t want to go on discussing its cause. But, as a result we end up losing self worth. We consider ourselves undeserving. Don’t let it get the better of you.

You are a source of immense potentials. You can be the one you worship. You can enrich yourself with the every single good quality almighty has. So work on that direction. Look ahead and visualise what you can do, what you can be.



10 thoughts on “How much capable are you?

    1. Really? I had no idea of it. Though I am from Ahmedabad.

      I know the last village near the border between India and Tibet is named Mana and there also Mana pass. But how much my name name is related to them, i don’t know.

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  1. We should consider ourselves sacred and capable of doing anything. But at the same time it is also important to remain humble and consider others with respect. Else there is a possibility of becoming overconfident and arrogant.

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  2. Dii! This post of yours solved most of my problems. I got to learn new things, there is something powetful within us whuch should always be respected.

    I learnt Self-love, one should love oneself inspite of all the flaws. Thankyou so much. This helped me in Self Improvement wala project. You wrote it beautifully. ☺☺☺

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