Dream Vacation

Vacations… Something I can only dream with the kind of work pressure I am under. All I can do to de-stress is to write! And that I am doing. So, today’s challenge is all about Seven Days Off.

Details of the challenge:

Where would you like to visit on your next vacation? What would you do with seven days off? What is your idea of a perfect week-long vacation?

Alternatively, write about a vacation you took in the past.

For a travel lover like me, there are many kinds of vacations. All of them refreshes you, but in different ways. There are vacations which can include trekking, mountaineering and include other adventures. And then there are spiritual vacations too. But at the moment all I’d like to have is a vacation to relax. In in that I would sleep a lot, read, listen to music, do some art work and watch sunrise every day. I’d also enjoy delicious dishes, including the local specialties.

Have look at my few snaps during one of my trip taken to a hill station in Maharashtra.



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