Six Songs I love

Ready for some Soul Soothing beats, my Dear Readers?

Well, today is the sixth day of June 1-30 Challenge and today’s topic is focused on music!

Details :

Write about and share six songs or artists you love or six songs you hate. This is a chance to learn how to embed media in a post.

Alternative: Write about sounds that grate on your nerves.

Music! Its amusing! One of the things I can’t live without. And to choose six of my most liked ones out of my music library carefully built up over the years? How unfair would that be? But s challenge this is and choose I must.

Be prepared for some earthen sounds.

1) Boondan Boondan

The rain song. Rains is an important as well as welcoming occurrence in India unlike many cold countries. More songs are written on monsoon than on any other season, though all are enjoyed equally. This song by the band Maati Baani (literally meaning speech of earth) talks how it rains drop by drop when dark clouds have covered the sky. Its a song of celebration. Interestingly, even the dark cloud is seen in such a positive light that the skin colour of lord Krishna is often compared with the dark cloud containing water.

2) Maa Tujhe Salaam.

A R Rahman remains my all time favourite singer/composer. Have been listening to his music ever since I was a little kid. Roja, Bombay, Rangeela, Dil se, Taal, Rockstar are all his masterpieces. He creates through his heart. He worships his work. And that’s why his bets strikes the cords of my heart. This one song is patriotic in nature. And here the longing for mother lang is sung.

3) Ma Reva

Now this song is one the deepest echo coming from the band Indian Ocean. It’s desicated to the river Narmada (literal meaning ‘Giver of Joy’), which flows from the Amarkantak hills in central India towards west, finally merging into the Gulf of Cambay. The beats are joyful. It narrates the rout of Narmada and the forms it takes.

(Click on the song Ma Reva from the jukebox above.)

4) Ekla Cholo Re

Gurudev Tagore’s unfailing lyrics of composed by Rahman and sung by none other than Amitabh Bachchan. Is there anything else needed to garuntee that it would magic? The song is written in Tagore’s mother tongue Bengali. The words gives courage to continue on the path of the cause you are working for, despite being alone. The music is soothing and the voice assuring.

5) Piya Ghar Aavenge

One of the best compositions by Kailash Kher from his album Kailasa. It’s a sufi song written after his father passed away. The words celebrate the meeting of the human soul with the Almighty.

There is also another interpretation of this song, where a wife welcomes her husband home after his long voyage abroad. The joy of the wife is reflected in every sound, every word. She is asking her girl friends to decorate the entrance of the house and sing auspicious songs upon his arrival.

6) Ashq na ho

Here is one Hindi movie song that I can listen to on repeat mode for hours.It’s from the movie Holiday (2014) and sung by Arijit Singh. It gives voice to soldiers duty, who  are missing their family. The song is an amalgamation of romance and poignancy with punjabi zest of its lyrics.


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