Give your children sounds, not songs…

                     In this time of declarations of various board exam results, I’d like to post one message to parents. This message was written a year ago as a result of a talk with an old student of mine. His stress, together with my observation of many of my friends’ lives compelled me to write this.

Dear Parents of a child about to select a carrier path,

If person’s a body is caged and spirits free, then I believe that he’d survive and make a way. But if spirits are imprisoned and suppressed, I’m afraid they’ll lose their identity.

IMG_4129(Indian) parents, who have forgotten their own identity, are committing this hideous crime of raising their children in their green houses. I beg you, my dear parents, they are unique souls having unique nature. Let them breathe in fresh air of open-minded thoughts. Pour them fresh water of ideas. Let them spread their roots in the bare earth and find the right nourishing agent. Let them struggle for survival in the heat of adverse conditions. Let them experience each season and look out for the one in which they can bloom. And for heaven’s sake, stop pruning them and snatching away their freedom. That overgrown branch, or those overgrown locks of hair or some strange skill of your child is what makes him or her YOUR child. A unique gift. The uniqueness, which you want to turn into commonness. Shame on You! You are disrespecting your wealth.

We are living in free India and this is the morning of 21st century. And yet, you parents will not allow your child to shine through their inner light. IMG_4223You have to help them letting that light come forth. But instead you’ll polish them and make them reflectors of some other source of light. Their inner flame will die away eventually.

Help your child stand up but don’t decide their steps. Teach them to live, but don’t confine them to the world you chose for them. Give them tunes, but let them select their own songs. It might seem to be opportunities for you, but they truly are cages in which they are suffocating. Suffocating and losing their faith in themselves.

They will look as good as they were before, even better – from outside. But inner beauty will be gone forever. They would have lost their potentials, their curiosity and their own strength. You would have murdered these. And for rest of their life, they will search for them, not knowing what they are looking for.

Through the path you have carved for them, they might reach the sky, but if you allow them to carve their own, they may even reach the far away galaxies. And what if they are the souls of earth or water? IMG_4326They may fall with a thud, unable to walk anymore. Why not let them explore the heights of mountains, depths of the sea and wideness of the land? Don’t you think sky would be overcrowded if all will fly?

Free your child dear parents if you want to see curves at the end of their lips and not between their brows. Free their spirits. In their journey, pack them a lunch box, give maps, but please, please let them chose their route. Their spirits will lead them to their aims.

With best regards,

Just another girl, whose father gave her sounds, but not songs.

(I would like to thank my parents Mrs Neha and Mr Apoorva Shah, who raised  me the way in which I could think what I have thought, say it fearlessly and play my own songs from the sounds they have given me.)


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