The story of my student and his madness for Sanskrit

Where there is a will, there is a way.

I have been teaching Sanskrit since I was 17. The age of my students varies from 7 to 77. It is such a pleasurable activity that makes you feel contented at the end of day. A smile lingers on my face at end of each session I have with my students.

Today, I want to tell you about a student of mine who reads Indian Philosophy books in Sanskrit. That is, its pure version. Exactly a year ago, he was preparing for his final exams and I was checking his submissions. Here is an account that I penned down on May 7, 2015 about his hardwork and determination.


This is where madness can lead you…

A 68-year old person, whose educational qualification reads SSC, who has been a businessman all his life, begins studying Sanskrit with an ardent desire. He is the weakest student of all. I check his assignments first, because they are pathetic. Nevertheless, he sits in the front row, never misses a class in two years and remains consistent in his studies all along.

I get updates of all newly arrived Sanskrit books from him. I hear from someone that whenever he sees him, he is holding & reading a sanskrit book. He not only sees these books, but buys every useful book for the entire class. He goes a step ahead and buys all those books which seem to be beyond his level of this language. Further more, he dares to read them. And then he tells me about these books.

He writes. Makes mistakes. A lot of them. So much that I think half of the refill of my red pen is used on checking his writings. But he goes on and on. Without any fear or hesitations.

Slowly, I realise that his concepts are getting clearer. His previously vague questions stat carrying a sense in them. When he participate in translating the text, his efforts come closest to the textual meaning.

And finally, right now, when i am checking his essays, I see a writing, rich with expression of thoughts and awe inspiring vocabulary. I’m knocked out. Kudos to him!!


8 thoughts on “The story of my student and his madness for Sanskrit

    1. Hello Mr Sabhraval. I am glad and encouraged to read your comment. Yes, this legacy is something I am honoured to carry as long as I can. It’s my passion.

      By the way, my name is Mana and Apoorva is my father’s name. 🙂

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