I am grateful of a lot of things. Someday I am going to sit back and count them all.

The Twilight Firefly

Some joys cannot be expressed in words, they can only be felt! Today, a MIRACLE happened with me! 😉

There’s this poetry written by MANA SHAH. I read it and I’m totally in love with it. Go ahead, read it, and you’ll know why! This is seriously beeaaautifullll!! ❤❤❤❤

Some miracles are so small that you cannot always see them.
Just like a sprout coming out of the earth,
Like a bird coming out of the egg,
Like a child recognising her mother’s
Like like a pet knowing your smell,
Like finding the exact word for an expression,
Like mixing colours to get a desired shade,
Like capturing a long sought shot,
Like hitting the perfect cord of music,
Like winning someone’s trust,
Like realising that together you’ve done it,
Like the slow healing of your heart,
Like letting yourself flow once again,
Like opening…

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15 thoughts on “Miracles!

    1. do you remember I misbehaved with you once and later that night apologized too.. there was a girl who told me what you might have wanted to tell me, and when she came to know what I told you in revert. she then told me few things which stuck me somewhere and in effect I apologized to you.. and the girl was MANA Di. she is my elder sister 🙂

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      1. dhirajanand

        Oh Wow! That maturity reflects in her words. And believe me that was a very courageous of you to apologise, never is it easy to apologise and that too on such a public platform. Respect to both of you 🙂
        Stay blessed 🙏

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